Unlike other natural swimming pool design companies, Genesis, does every part of the project in house. No other contractors needed to complete your paradise. We will make sure everything is taken care of including: gas line installation, electrical conduit installation, tile, coping, custom stone work and waterfalls, slides, patios, walk ways, custom masonry, pool code fencing, plantings, gas torches, cabanas and pavilions, required walls, lighting, grading, lawn restoration, irrigation, and plantings.Genesis promises to have your ideal natural swimming pool design installed and ready for final inspection in a timely manner, our goal for a 900 SF pool is about 6 weeks. You can rest assured that there will never be any surprises on design or price, everything will be preapproved by you and incorporated into the budget.

Natural Swimming Pool Design

Genesis Landscaping does more than retaining walls and organic lawn care, we are the leader in natural swimming pool design in New Jersey. We want to help you give more character and elegance to your backyard. While vacations are a great time, imagine walking into your backyard day after day and seeing a real, natural boulder waterfall with water cascading over it into a breathtaking blue lagoon of your own. You may never want to go on vacation again. With our expert’s natural swimming pool design techniques we will make sure that all of your creative ideas are heard and incorporated into the layout. From the shape and size right down to every rock and tree we use.