Constructing a swimming pool in your backyard is a process that should be preceded by careful planning. As the homeowner, you should begin the process by coming up with an idea of how you want your pool to look and the different features you wish to include in the structure. Other aspects to determine would be the different things you would require for the pool construction and how it will fit in the allocated space.

Location Conditions and Limitations

Before you get too far in your East Brunswick, NJ pool installation process, analyze and determine the actual conditions and inhibitions of the pool site in your backyard. If the pool size and design you have in mind happens to be too big for the space you have allocated in your backyard, this would be the perfect time to determine that, and not when you talk to an East Brunswick, NJ pool installation contractor to choose a design.

Take accurate measurements of your land and draw it precisely on a large sheet of paper for frequent reference. If your land has too many slopes or is too steep, it could be difficult to make provisions for proper drainage. As a result, you may need to reconsider the shape or installation of your pool and also the amount you will have to spend preparing the site for construction.

The ideal site for your East Brunswick, NJ pool installation would be on high ground with slight slopes on all sides to prevent runoffs from draining into your pool. Your yard may seem level when you look at it; but, do not trust just the look of your land. Use a long string and a level to check the land in different points and record all the changes in elevation.

It is also important to remember that the buildable area in your land is not always designated by lot lines. As the residential projects in most communities are subject to various stipulations, easements, and restrictions, you will have to consult your local authorities to know the codes and restrictions that are in place for your neighborhood and property.

In addition, there is likely to be other hidden limitations in your site that need to be removed or worked around. Some of these limitations may include drainage channels, underground utility lines, septic systems, land areas with unstable soil, etc. You can seek help from your local water, power, and other utility companies’ authorities to find the location of such utility lines in your property. You can also talk to your neighbors who have been living in the neighborhood for several years to learn more about such hidden lines.

Drawing a Pool Plan

After sizing up your site and making sure that all legal codes are met, you can start drawing your pool plan. This plan is similar to a floor plan, and is important for proper East Brunswick, NJ pool installation. Your pool plot plan should consist of the overall design of your pool, along with the various features you would like to include in it.

If you are planning on having partitions in your pool, say a shallow area for kids separated from the regular pool, the plan should include those partitions as well.

The three most important decisions for the design and installation of your swimming pool are its location, shape, and size. Making these decisions involves several factors. For instance, if your house is located in a place with great views, you might want to locate your pool to enjoy an amazing view, and not with the view of your neighbor’s house. Also, if your backyard tends to be quite windy, you might want your pool to be covered by your garage, house, fence, or other such elements, so that you do not miss out on pleasant swimming experiences.

When it comes to the actual location of your pool, your home’s room layout will be a determining factor here. If your plan is to use your pool or pool deck as an extended living space, it is best to install your pool within a short distance from the family room or kitchen.

Once you determine the location, shape and size of your pool, all other related elements will automatically fall into place. Some of these elements include: location of important pool equipment, shape and size of the pool deck, changing rooms, pool fencing and access points, and other additional features.

Reputed East Brunswick, NJ pool installation contractors will be able to help and guide you throughout the entire process. But, as you are now aware, your involvement is also crucial, and the more knowledgeable you are, the better your ability to make decisions.