Landscape lighting design is a great way to add beauty and safety to any site. Most property owners go through a great deal of effort and expense to improve the appearance of their home, therefore why not enjoy it ALL day long. A well designed and installed landscape lighting system, by a professional outdoor lighting company, incorporates the use of light, shadows, negative space and silhouettes; and it can add priceless beauty to your home and landscape.Landscape lighting designers at Genesis will develop an outdoor lighting plan that will be as functional as it is beautiful. Fixture placement, LED fixture selection and lamp size, beam angle width, transformer size, and wire layout will all be determined during the design process.
Only the highest quality LED lighting fixtures are used. All LED fixtures are completely sealed, and use 75% less energy than traditional outdoor lighting systems. The LED fixtures are rated for 45,000 hours before failure and under normal daily use will last 21 years with little or no maintenance. No more changing bulbs every few months.Outdoor lighting specialists at Genesis Landscape can also trouble-shoot and repair all types of existing LED and incandescent systems including line-repairs, fixture and lamp replacement, transformer repairs, and system modifications and expansion. Lighting specialists at Genesis Landscape work with all major lighting manufacturers and will determine if any necessary repairs are covered under warrantee.