Having the Bee Safe Organic Lawn Care in NJ is the best choice when you have little ones running around. Creating a lush, thick, weed free lawn is ideal for any family but you don’t want to do so at the expense of your family’s health or at a cost to the environment. Luckily Genesis Landscaping provides you with an organic lawn care option to ensuring you have a wonderful, thick, weed free lawn without using chemical fertilizers and dangerous pesticides. We are proud to be an authorized BeeSafe™ Organic Lawn Care dealer and applicator in New Jersey.
Our garden services include a cutting edge organic lawn care technology and a patent organic turf care system that focuses on creating healthy soil so that we can turn your lawn into an environment that is rich wish compost and organic matter. In order to have healthy, pest resistant plants you need healthy soil!
The BeeSafe TM result:
Minimizes exposure to toxic synthetic chemicals
Avoids water pollution and fertilization run-off
Wliminates toxins used to control and eradicate weeds and insects.

Here at Genesis Landscape our garden services of New Jersey take organic lawn care and organic turf care seriously! We are proud to be New Jersey’s exclusive Bee Safe dealer and applicator.