As summer approaches, you and your family will start experiencing the effects of the heat. Although you can choose to remain indoors with the help of your air conditioner keeping you cool, it wouldn’t compare to the level of enjoyment and comfort you could get from splashing around in your very own pool.

Whether you are on a budget, do not have a lot of space to sacrifice, or would be constantly moving from one place to another, an above ground pool would be the best choice for your lifestyle. One of the main reasons why many homeowners prefer above ground pools is their cost-effectiveness. With the use of new materials and technologies for their manufacture, above ground pools tend to be of great quality despite their low cost. Also, as above ground pools are extremely portable, you can take them with you easily whenever you move. If you have space constraints, you can also disassemble the pool during winter months and reconstruct them once again in summer.

For proper Colts Neck, NJ pool installation, the following are some of the most important steps to keep in mind:

Selecting the Location of the Pool

When it comes to Colts Neck, NJ pool installation, your first step should be selecting the right location for your pool. Choose an area that is large enough for your pool; the location should also be well-drained, and as level and as flat as possible. The pool should not be installed on wood, sand, tar paper, asphalt, gravel, or chemically treated soil. Always choose a firm and dry spot for the installation.

Consult a Colts Neck, NJ pool installation professional to see if any type of tough weed grows in your area; as such a weed can eventually grow through the pool liner, you can obtain help and advice from the professional to treat the area.

If there are sloped areas in the location you choose for your pool, they need to be made level first, and the best way to do this is to dig away the high areas rather than filling up the low areas. Depending on the complexity of the task, you may need to hire professionals or rent earth moving equipment.

Things to Avoid When Choosing Pool Installation Location

When choosing the location for your Colts Neck, NJ pool installation, following are the things you should avoid:

  • Protruding tree branches.
  • Buried wires and pipes. This can be determined by contacting telephone, electric, and gas utility companies.
  • Hanging clotheslines and wires.
  • Locations with bad drainage.
  • Uneven landscapes.
  • Roots, grass, and stones. Roots and stones can damage the pool liner, and grass will rot below the pool liner.

Planning ahead is vital for a Colts Neck, NJ pool installation. If you are planning on including a deck in the future, remember to leave enough room. Also, if you are looking to install appliances or accessories that require gas or electricity, be sure to choose a location where you will have easy access to these services.

General Guidelines

Remember to look at the building codes in your location. The codes will help you understand the general requirements, setbacks, and other information when it comes to locating the pool and when choosing the shape and size that will be perfect for your backyard. Be sure to obtain the required permits and make sure that all the fencing requirements are met.

It is better to have the pool installed in a location that is close to your home, for easy access to food, the restroom, etc. While shade is important to enjoy the pool, having sunlight fall on the pool is equally important as well.

Preparing the ground is a crucial step in the Colts Neck, NJ pool installation process. Having a proper foundation will make sure that the rest of the pool installation and assembly processes get done effortlessly and the the pool remains sturdy with no issues when filled with water. Choose a location that is the most visually pleasing for your home. If you are planning on having a gazebo, changing rooms, etc., make sure that the center of the pool will line up with those structures.

If you have doubts during any stage of the process, do not hesitate to talk to your Colts Neck, NJ pool installation expert.